Revenge and Redemption

Welcome Home Eli

Eli, Moses Black, and Herriet Fontleroy found themselves getting off the same train in Denver. Eli, on his way home after finishing his schoolin’ back east, had himself a coach waiting to deliver him to the little town of Barker’s Creek where his family owns a cattle ranch. The other two just looking get out of the big city unnoticed bought or conned their way into a ride.
Unfortunately for them there was trouble brewin’ back in Barker’s Creek just waiting for the young Eli to step into it. Just outside town the coach was waylaid and Eli spirited away by a gang of hooligans desperate to avoid a storm o’ trouble they heard coming on the wind. They thought a quick ransom might be their ticket out of dodge. What they didn’t count on was the determination of Eli’s companions or pride of his father.
Once Moses and Herriet got news back to old Byron what happened to his youngest he didn’t waste no time. He put together a small army to go out and meet the kidnappers at the Devil’s Gut led by his best shootist Sam Slade. Their orders, get Eli back safe and then gun down the poor SOB’s what took him. Well that last bit didn’t sit too right with Moses, him trying to get away from a life of killing, but he and Herriet talked themselves into going along to see Eli safe.
In the mean time Eli got himself acquainted with his captor. Far from hardened criminals these were local boys, a couple of farm hands and a green as wet grass gunfighter. They said there was bloodshed coming to Barker’s Creek and they didn’t mean to stay around to be in the way.
Dawn came and everyone met up at Devil’s Gut Canyon to have things out one way or the other. Despite Moses doing his level best to keep heads cool it wasn’t long before lead was flying. Eli slipped free in the confusion and took the time to tend his captors worst wounds before making his way to the rescue to try and call a stop to everything. Of course Mr. Slade ain’t one to let bygones be bygone, especially not when he had word from the big man to the contrary. Fortunately a right inspired display of feminine wiles from Mrs. Fontleroy managed to sway the stone man into a stay of execution. By some crazy miracle this whole ill fated mess wrapped up with out a single life lost, though I suspect those boys lives won’t be worth much if they don’t high tail it right quick.



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